Berlin for New Years

Another Photo Blog… Berlin was an amazing trip. I met new friends, met up with old friends, and thoroughly enjoyed learning more about the history of the city, it’s place in the world and the conflicts and discussions that still exist in this liberal relaxed city. It is truly “poor but sexy.”  The snow was cold, but it was beautiful. The history was rich, but disturbing.  The life was crazy, but welcoming. I loved it!

The TV Tower:


Remains of The Berlin Wall:

IMG_2996 IMG_2995  IMG_3118

The East Side and West Side of Berlin:


Home to one of the many Christmas Markets in Berlin:


The Iconic Crosswalk AMPELMANN:


The Reichstagsgebäude:


The Jewish Museum:

IMG_3088 IMG_3082

Graffiti Art – Prevalent throughout the city:

IMG_3078 IMG_3076

Brandenburg Gate and Humboldt University:

IMG_3032 IMG_3030

Monuments, Museums and Churches:


The Berlin War Memorial – to the Victims of War and Tyranny:


~ by Ryan on January 11, 2015.

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