Long time… Let’s catch up!

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything. I mean a really long time!  So a quick synopsis of the last 6 months.   I didn’t really do any travelling after Greece in April and tried to focus on finishing well.  I started my Masters in Counselling and became a bit of a hermit in order to get done what needed to get done.  The school year finished off on June 27th last year. Then we had a week of collaboration and entrance exams for the upcoming year. My director was gracious enough to let me leave early, so, on July 2nd I hopped on a plane and headed to Vancouver. I spent a day and a half in Tsawwassen with my mom and family and then joined some of my favourite people and drove down to Seattle for a ball tournament.  It was amazing! I missed playing so much!  We placed 2nd overall and I have to say, after not playing for a year, I faired pretty well.

IMG_3787 IMG_3801 IMG_3805 IMG_3807

As usual, as soon as the tournament was over, my busy self was back into work mode, as I took on teaching summer school in Coquitlam for 3 weeks.  I had the joy of teaching Math Skill Building 4/5, which was more like teaching Math Skill Building to students from grades 3-6.  But, it was awesome, and the kids had a blast. They built cities out of 3D polygons and we covered fractions, measurement, data collection, graphing, addition, and subtraction.  Every day, we started the day with a check in and a 10 minute mini lesson. Every group assigned members to be a foreperson, accountant, administrator, builder or artist, and they had to take on each role at least three times over the three weeks. Then they got to work. At the end of each day we covered new or unfamiliar vocabulary and they wrote in their math journals  – they responded to one prompt question based on what they were learning and one question based on how they felt the day went. At the end of the three weeks, the students had the opportunity to share their cities with other classes in the school, explain what they had done and describe what they had learned. IT was awesome!

During this time I finished my 3rd Grad course and was able to spend some quality time with friends and family… then one of my besties – Miss Melissa Barkman came for a visit and we celebrated friendship, pride and good times together!  I also had the pleasure of hanging out with other good friends – Jim, Todd, Luke, Colby, Jason, Mike, Shawn, Miles, Sam, Scott, Dan, Mike and many more…Throughout the summer I also met and made new friends in the city – Graeme, Gad, Darcy, Jason. I know there are names I am missing off both lists, but you get the idea. We went to movies in the park, played golf, danced the night away, brunched, and played the summer out!

IMG_0318  IMG_3855IMG_3940

The summer was full of ball tournaments, coffee, meeting new people, and I was able to get up to Edmonton to spend some quality time with my sister and her family. I love them!

IMG_3966 IMG_3970 IMG_3971 IMG_3981

After a whirlwind of a trip back home, I am now back in Beirut and about 7 weeks into the year – midterm. I am working on 2 more Graduate courses, teaching a full load and loving hanging out with friends here.  I’ve also had the pleasure of making a few new friends in Beirut and experiencing new places.  I was able to go to a concert at the Music Hall (http://www.themusichall.com/Subpage.aspx?pageid=171), eat at really cool eatery called Junkyard (https://www.facebook.com/junkyardbeirut), and play trivia at Dany’s.  Friends from home – Jason and Emily – who are working in Dubai, also came to visit and it was awesome being able to catch up with them! I haven’t seen them since Cyprus last December.

IMG_0348 IMG_4045 IMG_4046 IMG_4047 IMG_4078 IMG_4083 IMG_4085 IMG_4086 IMG_4087

My classes this year are awesome! My kids are far less crazy than last year, and even though my French section kids are still an insane group, they are 50% better than the last group and my stress levels are reduced in return.  Looking ahead, I am IMG_0312excited to be travelling back to Vancouver for Christmas this year and am hopeful for other developments that have seeds planted.  The school year is going to be great, but I’m thankful to have added distractions in my life as well.  Well there ya go. The readers digest version of the past 6 months.  I’ll try to post a bit more regularly, but you know how life is.

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